Best Digital & Electrical Pianos 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Making a decision to buy a best digital piano from several brands out there on the market is not easy one.

You need to get a piano that perfectly matches the playing skills you possess. The chosen best digital piano should be able to grow with the player.

As a pianist, you should be able to progress with the piano as your skills advance. I cannot single out one piano and advice you to purchase the product. This is because the kind of piano you purchase depends on your laying needs.

Below are the list of TOP 10 Best digital Pianos selected based on various factors that are suitable for beginners and professionals as well as for home and stage usage.

1. The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Grand Graded Action Upright Piano (Best home digital piano under 2000)

The ONE Smart Piano 88-key Home Digital Piano can teach you how to play this instrument within minutes. The instrument comes with the Apple technology that is very good at self-instruction facilitation.

It also comes with a free mobile application for Android and iOS which gives you a less structured and more fun piano playing experience.

As a beginner musician, you can use the piano games, integrated video lessons and light keys to learn. Seasoned musicians can select from the broad range of free sheet music to play.

This is a full size keyboard that contains 88 weighted keys, in addition to the classic wooden look, three foot operated levers, and the professional stereo sound.

Other classic features on this product comprise of an inbuilt volume control and metronome that has a blend of the app’s advanced technology controls.

This piano has LED lights that work with the App to show you which key to press, and wait until you hit the correct tones before moving onto the next one.

You can access thousands of games, video lessons and sheet music on this keyboard through your Android device or iOS.

Best Home digital Piano with 88 Keys

You can easily follow along as everything is integrated with light. It is a lightweight product that weighs only 117 pounds.


  • Lightweight and 64 note polyphony digital keyboard piano
  • Free iOS and Android App
  • Responsive or good action
  • Bi-directional USB MIDI port
  • Has applications for both seasoned and upcoming musicians
  • 88-key graded hammer action
  • Built-in MP3 PlayersGood at self-facilitation
  • 128+ GM tones and purcussion


  • Takes 1-2 months to ship the piano

2. Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano with Rosewood Bench

This is one of the best digital pianos from the manufacturers of the world’s best acoustic pianos. This series carries all the features that come with electric pianos without compromising the performance of an acoustic piano.

The Arius series has synthetic ivory key tones and a Graded Hammer Keyboard action which provides the player with a tactile surface that has a response reminiscent of the world’s finest pianos.

This stage piano has a pure CF sound engine that results from Yamaha’s several years of making pianos and the expertise that comes with the practice.

This sound engine is combines with the state of art sampling technology. The sound of this product allows you incredible expressiveness and dynamics which gives this brand the worth of the Yamaha name.

A Graded Hammer Standard 88 key piano keyboard offers a lighter touch in the high end and a heavier touch in the low end. This is similar to the hammers that are inside the acoustic piano.

The GHS feature is a good choice for any aspiring pianist as it builds proper finger techniques while playing acoustic pianos.

Additionally, the black key’s matter finish makes them less slippery when you play for an extended period.

Best digital piano by yamaha

The half-damper pedal control generates subtlety and more detail nuance while playing which is similar to pedaling on a grand piano.

This feature allows you to continuously increase the length of the sustained notes, from slight towards full as you continue to depress the pedal. This result in a more realistic sound and subtle changes will begin to occur as you strike the key while pressing the pedal.


  • This digital Piano comes with LED display
  • Authentic sound
  • USB to Device port
  • Accompaniment styles
  • 2-track, 3 song recorder
  • Natural touch
  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling with 128 note polyphony
  • 88-Key-GH


  • Package is little hefty

3. Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

The PX-860 piano is the new Privia line flagship that features an advanced air sound set that offers additional level of realism, alongside a sympathetic resonance and grand piano lid simulation.

The combination of the piano’s powerful new sound engine and the new keyboard action deliver a new level of detail, expression, and nuance for a superior grand piano experience that comes in a stylish design.

The PX-860 makes use of the new proprietary sound source from Casio ‘AiR’ to provide an amazing 9ft concert grand piano sound.

The ‘AiR’ sound source, in turn, delivers the sound with seamless dynamics for a remarkably powerful and expressive performance.

Air generates Damper Resonance for the rich strings sound when you use the sustain pedal for added realism.

This Home digital Piano also uses the string resonance to imitate the open string’s sympathetic resonance in the acoustic grand.

The Hall simulator offers real world locations acoustic simulations which allow you to play the grand piano in several places thus enhancing the playing experience.

When looking at the key action of the PS-860, it features the 88 note Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard from Casio.

Best Home digital Piano

The scaling of this action matches the resistance and weight across an 88 note grand piano’s range.

The action also features Ivory textured and Ebony keys to generate an incredible feel. The action of the Casio key has three sensors that capture the dynamics of any performance with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

The response feature of Casio Hammer puts in to consideration the speed at which different hammers of varying sizes move within the acoustic grand relative to the velocity of pressing the keys. This nuance timing provides the ultimate sound experience key. The PX-860 offers a choice of 18 tones and an impressive 256 polyphony notes.


  • This home digital piano comes with USB port and Has 2 headphone Jacks with volume control
  • Comes with other sounds such as harpsichord, strings and organ among others
  • Compact and Small digital piano for home
  • Responsive/Good action
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keys have a nice feel
  • Real key action
  • Great sound and easy to use


  • Sustain cable does not sound or feel like great acoustic pianos
  • Base wiggles if you play with vigor
  • Can’t adjust its music stand
  • Inferior acoustic bass sound

4. Alesis Coda Pro | 88-Key Digital Piano with Hammer-Action Keys (Best digital piano under 500 dollars)

This is a fully featured 88-key digital piano that has a very rich sound and versatility. The device comes with built –in speakers that have a great sound.

You can also connect this keyboard to your computer through the USB-MIDI port for a full 88 key control of the plugins or virtual instrument software. The Coda Pro is ideal for places of worship, theaters, schools, studio and stage use and piano students just to name a few. It has all the elements that can get you to your creative best.

The Coda series is the best solution for any person who is looking for a full size 88 key piano and needs to transport it too. Their full range in-built features allow you to play any kind of music and they sound great.

This keyboard provides a sustain cable input, two ¼ inch headphone output to use in practicing, ¼ inch aux output for amp or PA connectivity, and ¼ inch aux input that you can use to play along to your favorite songs.

The lesson, layer and split modes allows the player of the Coda Pro to configure the piano for instructional or creative use.

You cannot fuse with loose sheet music because of the included music stand.

best portable digital piano

This digital piano has 20 built-in voices that can split or layer two voices in a simultaneous manner. You can use the user record mode to record your own songs or play along with the 60 preset songs.

It also has a built in DPS with adjustable EQ, Chorus FX or Reverb. The piano also has a built-in metronome and transposes control. This duet mode on this device supports 50 accompaniment patterns. It also comes with exclusive built-in sounds from SONiVOX or AIR music technology.


  • Hammer action keys
  • High level of connectivity
  • Great realism levels for new players
  • Several accompaniment styles, features and voices
  • Best priced portable digital piano
  • Excellent recording capabilities
  • 64-note polyphony


  • Less level of realism
  • Limited range of features and voices
  • Keys made from plastic making fingers to slip
  • Less clean and deep sound

5. Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

This music instrument has 22 preset sounds for instruments that comprise of synth, electric piano, harpsichord, organ, chorus and strings.

It has a broad range of effects that comprise of chorus, delay and reverb that allows the player to create the right sound for each preset. It has 3 brightness levels that accompany each sound and the tremolo function adds realism to the sound that the strings produce.

The product also has two rotary effects that suit the organ sound which gives them an authentic response. The Kawai string resonance feature delivers a more authentic feel to the instrument which allows some tones to resonate as you play others like any acoustic instrument.

This gives added complexity and realism to the sound which makes it difficult for even the finest ear to discern its digital origin.

The octave shift will allow the player to expand the range of the keyboard.

The layer shift allows one layer to play an octave higher or lower than the other. It gives it a wonderful expression while playing in a live setting.

It also has the ability of setting dynamics on each layer. This allows you to balance the two voices against one another.

The split function has a unique ability to split the instrument in to two 44-key piano notes that are centered on the C4.

best stage digital piano under 2000 dollars

The keyboard has pedal functions and an on-board metronome. You can adjust each of the 29 preset pieces if you want to listen to separate hands of the piece. The product has a broad range of output and input such as the USB, earphone jack, and midi.


  • Individual tailoring to touch sensitivity
  • Competitively pricedVery solid equipment
  • Excellent reproduction of feel and tone
  • Applicable for a wide range of purposes


  • Keys are somewhat stiff
  • Shape of the instrument not so portable

6. Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black

SP170s is a portable and stylish simple design piano that places a lot of emphasis on the vital elements of piano such as a satisfying sound and comfortable keyboard.

The piano features a captivating sound and an authentic feel to satisfy a seasoned player, novice or student. It is an unobtrusive and compact instrument that is designed for the modern world. It has a clean and simple design that eliminates the needs to have a control panel.

The keyboard relies on the keys to play the functions of switches, buttons and knobs.

It has a built in stereo sound system with two efficient speakers that have a bass reflex enclosure housing that deliver a very powerful sound.

It is a lightweight and easy to transport music instrument which makes it ideal for live use and concerts. The exhilarating grand piano highlights ten exclusive new sounds.

Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black

It uses the multiple velocity layers to capture the playing dynamic nuances which allow the piano to expressively respond to any slight touch.

The machine has a full self-contained and clean sound system. The speakers result in a well-defined, dynamic and robust sound.

This instrument also boasts of reverb and chorus effects.

This reverb effect offers a lush spaciousness. The main function of the chorus effect is to add warmth and motion to the sound.

It also has dual headphone outputs which allow two people to simultaneously enjoy the music


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent and realistic sound
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • Simple design
  • Good audio
  • Easy to useGood polyphony


  • No USB port
  • No metronome
  • No recorder
  • No layering function

7. Suzuki MDG-300 Brown Micro Grand Digital Piano

The Micro Grand Piano comes in a white gloss Mahogany color.

The 2’ by 4’ furniture cabinet comes in a beautiful mahogany tone brown wood finish that has a lacquer high polish hand rubbed finish. The modern design focuses on smaller and more efficient space utilization. It is perfectly proportional to add charm and warmth to your living room.

The model combines traditional elegance with technically advanced features making it educational and fun for the whole family.

This piano is compatible with Bluetooth and you can use it to access demonstration from the internet, music and lessons.

You can convert you piano into a complete stereo entertainment center by connecting it to any wireless device. It also has versatile performance features such as the graded hammer action key bed that is velocity sensitive and the 88 key.

The piano also has a large 4.3 inch true color LCD display.

The instrument has a grand piano voice of 24mb and 128 note polyphony. It has 122 selectable voices, 128 General MIDI and 100 rhythm styles with variations.

Other features include memory card with 80 preloaded songs, USB port and iPad connectivity.

The music instrument also has 3 track song recorder, equalizer with 10 graphic faders and a digital reverb with chorus.

The six powerful stereo speakers comprise of 2 mid-range, 2 bass, and 2 high intensity speakers. This accurately reproduces your music both from your personal devices and piano.

Suzuki MDG-300 Brown Micro Grand Digital Piano

The product also encompasses 55 play along songs and 14 onboard demo songs. Some of the accessories you will find with this product include EZ assembly guide, manual, songbook, demo disk, power cable, USB cable, iPad and a matching bench.


  • Authentic grand piano feel
  • Plays all songs
  • Impressive ensemble performance features
  • Full true color display LCD screen
  • Variety of versatile performance options
  • Secure digital memory card
  • USB advantage
  • iPad and Bluetooth compatibility
  • powerful sound system
  • 128 note polyphony


  • No cons

8. Nord Piano 2 88-Key Hammer Action Portable Keyboard

The Nord Piano 2 88 Key allows you to split, play and layer sounds from both Nord Sample library and Nord Piano library.

It also features a versatile effect section in the single premium package. The instrument comes when it is already loaded with amazing sound from the Nord Piano library. The whole Nord library comes on DVDs and you can download new applications free of charge.

You can replace the sounds by simply dragging and dropping the files in mac window’s Nord sound manager. The Nord piano 2 sample synth sections supports the extensive Nord sample library, and contains more than 1000 quality songs from exclusively licensed sounds and leading sample producers of the chamberlain and Mellotrone.

The sample synth portion also has dedicated knobs for adjusting the release and attack and volume. You can also use the sustenuto pedal and the optional volume pedal to adjust your volume.

You could also use the sustenito pedal that is on the Nord triple pedal as a separate Gate/Sustain for advanced layering of the sample synth section.

Nord Piano 2 88-Key Hammer Action Portable Keyboard

The Nord sample Editor Software can allow you to create your personalized sample instruments. The keyboard has an extensive effect section with great and tweak able effects.

You can either assign each effect to piano or the sample synth section and it allows you to instantly add some atmosphere, glimmer or dirt to your sound.

It has 240 locations that are organized into two banks that have 24 pages having 5 programs each. You can adjust the response of the key bed by making use of the 4 selectable dynamic response curves.


  • You can replace all sounds
  • Realistic sound or good audio
  • 88 note hammer action key bed
  • Portable
  • Light weight


  • A bit costly but its worthy the quality

9.FLYCHORD DP420K - Best Digital for Beginner and Experienced players

This is a tri-sensor hammer action keyboard with ebony black keys and white ivory keys.

It has a sampled grand piano voice of 5 layers, honey comb shape stereo speakers which produce the best quality of sound. The piano comes with 40 high-quality voices, layer capability/128 note polyphony with split, duet and twinova functions.

It also possesses a stereo digital recording to the USB storage device. One of the advantages of this product is that it comes with a one year warranty.

The product is equipped with the new K8 key bed and the DP420K offers a true keyboard touch with the synthetic ivory key it has.

The instrument also has three touch points of sensors that capture the expressiveness of the player. The special hammer system of this piano recreates the acoustic piano feeling.

The 128 note polyphony of this music instrument will allow you to play any music without dropping a single not.

The piano has a total number of 88 keys and has black painted key tops.

FLYCHORD DP420K-Best Digital Piano for Beginner and Experienced players

It has 50 preset styles and a total of 5 user songs. It is a lightweight product that weighs close to 130 pounds. The product perfectly meets the playing needs of both experienced and novice players


  • One year warranty
  • High quality voice
  • Highly responsive keys
  • Triple-sensor technology
  • Half-pedaling
  • Pleasing sound from built-in speakers


  • A bit costly

10. Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano under 1000 dollars

The William Rhapsody 2 88-key digital piano fills your studio or home with impressive looks, realistic feel, great sound and plenty of features.

This piano is built around 12 custom sounds that are crafted around global renowned grand piano, synths, strings, organs, vintage electric pianos and much more. The modern improved weighted key bed delivers a high standard in its feel and realistic response.

The modulation of FX of this keyboard delivers realistic vibrato and rotary effects on select instruments. The product includes stereo out jacks, separate headphone, metronome, transpose, split/layer features, 2-track recorder, USB MIDI port, and 12 demo songs among others.

The product has elegant PVC wood-like finish that offers great looks in any décor. The 88 hammer action of fully weighed keys offers an outstanding level of response and feel.

It also has 12-high definition custom sounds on the 32 Mbyte sample ROM. The pianos are bright for rock n-roll and grand for classical performances.

The product also has sustained pedals for more realistic playability. It also comes with 64-voice polyphony for layered and deep orchestrations.

The stereo system of this product provides an immersive sound.

The keyboard comes with an intuitive control panel that has an easy to read blue LCD display. Other features include USB/MIDI connection, headphone output for private practice, stereo output that has ¼ inch jacks, and music rest.

Console Digital Piano


  • Responsive or good action
  • Easy to useIdeal for beginners
  • Pre-programmed music
  • Good AudioIdeal for an apartment
  • Touch sensitive keys


  • Keys are soft to play

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Digital Piano: Buyers Guide 2017

There are several things you need to look for in a digital piano. First, make sure you confirm the keyboard action. The mechanical components of acoustic pianos such as the wooden hammers that strike the strings inside cause resistance.

The degree to which your digital piano simulates the action of an acoustic piano creates a major difference in its playability.

You also need to look at the touch response of the digital piano. A good digital piano should sense slight velocity variations that conclude the volume and attack of each note.

Another feature to look at is the quality of sound. Pay attention to the delay and sustain on notes and the overall realism of sound production as you make your judgments.

Polyphony is the number of notes a digital piano produces at a given point. The 32 note polyphony is the bare minimum, 64 notes is acceptable while 128 is the best.

You also have to put the amplification of the speakers in to consideration. Make sure the digital piano you choose adequately meets your needs.

A piano that has built-in speakers with a pleasing sound is best for home sound. A piano that is meant for outdoor use should have output options for connecting external speakers.

Other features that assist the player may include displays that show the chords you are using, and the built-in metronome for enhancing the rhythmic ability of the piano.

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